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Cecelia Driscoll

Registered Massage Therapist

Meet Cecelia! Cecelia graduated from ICT Northumberland College in 2014 and is also trained in Deep Tissue, Cupping, Suikodo, Bowen Therapy and Cranial Sacral Therapy. Cecelia trained in fascial approaches to the shoulder in 2018. She listens to you first and then tailors her treatments to your specific needs. 

Cecelia works with sport injuries, concussions, headaches, motor vehicles accidents, fibromyalgia and other systemic health conditions, such as Multiple Sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, scoliosis and connective tissue disorders. Cecelia has a special interest in supporting patients while they heal from ailments which are difficult to resolve; plantar fasciitis, migraines and nerve impingement conditions etc. 

Cecelia has also created and teaches Micro-exercises, a full body/mind system that is easy to learn and can be utilized in almost any setting.  


Micro-exercises are small, targeted muscle contractions (isometric) that work specific groups of muscles without added strain on your body. They are especially useful for people who are recovering from injury or who are at a desk or in an environment where other forms of exercise are not appropriate. 

Micro-exercises emerged for Cecelia due to a desire to help patients treat themselves with more kindness. In her massage therapy practice Cecelia noticed all of her clients expressed dissatisfaction with their body. This has been true regardless of weight, diet, age and/or health conditions. Desiring that her patients feel better about themselves, Cecelia began developing the exercise series in combination with the Double-positive philosophy.