Carolyn CseszkoRegistered Acupuncturist, Certified Nutritional Practioner, BSc

Gentle | Passionate | Knowledgeable

"Every position in life is balanced by creating a harmony between the inner self and the surrounding world"

Carolyn is passionate about alternative medicine, She believes the answers to creating wellness are much less complicated than we think in Western society. She believes there is much wisdom in traditional practices around the world and would like to share some of what she has learned, while continuing this journey of learning. She also believes that people should be aware that they in fact heal themselves and feels it is her job to help facilitate that empowerment in her patients to help them be more in tune with their body.

Carolyn is extremely gentle in her treatments, so anyone who is nervous about first time acupuncture would be well suited see her. She prides myself on being a healthy balance between both book smart and intuitive. She assesses my treatments though a by the book diagnostic approach and adapts her protocol based on how the body reacts upon palpation.

Outside of work Carolyn loves to learn, always challenging herself creatively in the kitchen with new recipes or through home-maker projects like gardening, soap making, DYIs. She also enjoys traveling, hiking, soccer and tennis.

Carolyn Cseszko