Patient Testimonials

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  • “I was suffering from occasional bouts of vertigo that come on in the middle of the night while sleeping. At one point they were quite frequent and disrupting my life and I was missing work. A co-worker highly recommended Brad who had successfully treated him with injuries from a car accident. Brad was very willing to help me and handled my case with great care.  I went to see him a few times and the vertigo bouts were becoming fewer and farther between! I was so excited and thankful. It’s been a of couple years now since I’ve seen him and, I have had maybe three episodes. Brad has helped me greatly and I recommend him. Thanks Brad!”


  • “Thank you Brad! It is almost the one year anniversary of the day you fixed me!! Thank you thank you thank you again!!  : ) ”


  • “As a young individual I didn’t think I had to be so careful with bending and twisting my body. I came to think Osteopathy when I had injured my lower back at work and was barely able to walk and sit without extreme pain. I didn’t have much relief from other forms of treatments so I was really amazed at how much better I felt after just one treatment. I have had great success with not only my back, but my overall health is better. I would highly recommend Brad to anyone.”


  • “I was experiencing pain and numbness in my arms and had a persistently sore neck and shoulders. I had been seeing an Osteopath in the UK for many years, but couldn’t find one Canada until a friend mentioned that she had seen Brad. After several treatments my back and neck were straightened, and I am pain-free. I still see Brad occasionally for a ‘tune-up’. Thanks for all you have done both osteopathically and by way of support over the last year.”


  • “Just wanted to tell you how much better I feel after today’s appointment. I’ve had a few things on my mind and I could feel the tension start to release during the treatment (especially while you were doing the craniosacral work). I feel more centered and grounded – it’s great to feel more like myself again. Thanks for your help. You’re the best!”


  • “Bradley has made me feel comfortable and assured me of any questions I have about any pain, even taking away the odd headache that was approaching. I feel alleviated after treatment and know Brad has his patients’ best interest in heart. I would recommend treatment to anyone and also knowing that treatments are long term fix not just temporary.”


  • “Every time I leave from having a massage with Sam I feel a complete pain relief that lasts for days, Sam has helped me sleep, work, and have an overall better quality of life. so grateful for her care. Thank you Sam!!!”

    Shallen B.

  • “Amy Heffernan has helped me with my Achilles pain and it is getting better every day. I think Kinetesis is amazing.”

    Rosalyn T.

  • “Makes me feel better.”

    Melissa S.

  • “Friendly staff, love Caroline!”

    Danita O.

  • “Everybody is great! Very friendly & Caroline is amazing at what she does!”

    Allison D.

  • “I feel so good after!”

    Gabrielle C.

  • “Friendly staff, knowledgable physiotherapist! Thanks for giving me the knowledge on how to protect my joints and ligaments!”

    Stephanie M.

  • “Any H. was awesome, I can’t wait to have my shoulder back at regular motion.”

    Jennifer S.

  • “You treat my traps, soothe my soul and limber my lumbar. You are great!”

    Basil R.

  • “Makes me feel not so old & broken”

    Donald M.

  • “The staff is very friendly and helpful”

    Tom B.

  • “Amy M is aaamazing 🙂 feeling great Thanks”

    Alyssa B.

  • “I Nicole”

    Steve S.

  • “Hips feeling great again”

    Zydric P.

  • “Kelly keeps me moving :)”

    Catherine F.

  • “The friendly staff, their knowledge and helpfulness.”

    Linda C.

  • “Karen and Caroline are awesome!”

    Marcie L.

  • “I always get great service here!! Love you guys, that if I need an emergency massage appointment, I can usually have one here.”

    Kitty K.

  • “Caroline is the first one to actually help my neck feel better!”

    Yvonne F.

  • “Amy Heffernan is a great physiotherapist will help me get back to normal.”

    Lisa E.

  • “They have a great staff”

    Cody S.

  • “Everyone is so friendly & the services I’ve had helped me tremendously. Kelly & Tahnee are awesome. I’m so lucky to have found Kinetesis! :)”

    Annette B.

  • “First Class/Top Shelf care and service”

    Jason C.

  • “Everyone is so nice! always accommodating and helpful. 🙂 (I love chocolate)”

    Sheila M.

  • “They make me feel good.”

    Ken J.

  • “Nicole really Cares about hot you feel – She really is Amazing :)”

    Sue M.

  • “All the staff are wonderful & extremely helpful. I feel like I have really been worked on each time I visit for a treatment. Thank you! “

    Claudia B.

  • “Amy is very professional and has a great sense of humour. :)”

    Eric D.

  • “The people + wonderful massages!”

    Jessica E.

  • “Sam rocks”

    Jen M.

  • “Physio-Yoga!”

    Paul A.

  • “Where do I start! 🙂 Every time, for whichever issues I may have, everyone is always so gracious at giving it a go and making me feel normal again 🙂 xx”

    Sherrie D.

  • “Nicole & Stephanie Rick! Thanks for the great treatments girls”

    Tara S.

  • “Kelly is a great therapist”

    Nicole M.

  • “..of Caroline!”

    G. S.

  • “It has been working for my chronic back problems”

    Paul Y.

  • “They make me feel human again :)”

    Jason D.

  • “They are keeping my daughter healthy and able to get back to soccer & running with A.R.T.”

    Julie B.

  • I ️Kinetesis because… “It makes me feel much healthier. Nicole is awesome and so is Kelly! I”m glad I found you guys :)”

    Ann M.

  • “I love the staff and have had great results! Yolanda & Tahnee are awesome! Allison is very friendly and helpful.”

    Jacqueline D.

  • “1. of the kind compassionate people who work there. 2. Their knowledge and skills have improved my health”

    Kelli M.

  • “I Feel so relaxed, my stress is reduced, and my mental wellness has been improved each time I leave. Holly is excellent at her trade!! Thank you.”

    Susan W.

  • “It makes me feel so much better and I love the staff!”

    Chelsea G.

  • “They do good work”

    Kevin P.

  • “Holly is Awesome!!♥”

    Maureen M.

  • “It feels me feeling young and strong”

    Len F.

  • “There for you”

    Rob F.

  • “The chiro works to find out the issues, where the pain is.”

    Don B.

  • “Great service”

    Carolyn D.

  • “They are always so helpful in making me feel better through all of the different services available. I have used massage, physio and acupuncture. Thank you!“

    Cindy P.

  • “They saved my husband’s physical career last minute after he fell on ice.”

    Tesara F.

  • “Help with my pain. Accommodate short notice.”

    Jennifer G.

  • “They Take away they aches and pains.”

    Justin M.

  • “I leave feeling relaxed and reset!”

    Daisy B.

  • “Holly Does an excellent Job! �”

    John D.

  • “They help my pain so I can get back to normal everyday movements.”

    Shannon P.

  • “Excellent service, nice people, easy to talk to m always prompt.”

    Laurie B.

  • “You guys make me feel wonderful! ?”

    Gina C.

  • “They corrected my back on super short notice after I slipped on ice. All intime before I fly away!!”

    Jonathan F.

  • “Nice friendly environment. Helpfully with showing at home ways to help relieve pain. Overall Nice place and people.”

    Latisha B.

  • “The people here are fantastic! ?”

    Tracey C.

  • “Great, professional service”

    Reimar G.

  • “I love the professional approach to treatment- but Yolanda and I still have fun. Very through and professional care!“

    Lori R.

  • “Great staff, knowledgeable”

    Shirley G.

  • “Very friendly staff. Warm and welcoming environment ?”

    Flavia S.

  • “Dr. Nick is cute ?”

    Allison B.

  • “They make me feel better”

    Paul P.

  • “Everyone here is so friendly and so helpful. I ♥ it here and recommend Kinetesis to all my friends. (Still have trouble pronouncing it though) ? My services are so beneficial for my body. Yolanda and Holly are the best!”

    Tracy C.

  • “They work Magic ♥”

    Carol M.

  • “Amy is so friendly and actually everyone makes you feel good”

    Kathy B.

  • “We have two locations that we can go to for services. I also like the direct billing as well as the cozy décor”

    Ellen E.

  • “Holly Simmons”

    Steven D.

  • “It’s helping my knees so I can so track!”

    Taylor B.

  • “The Bestest Place in Town – due in no small part to the efficient, friendly and professional staff. You go guys!”

    Ray O.

  • “After only a short time my hip/leg mobility improved significantly and back to playing soccer! “


  • “This has been so helpful, Sciatica pain gone- relief! Thanks again, good experience.”

    Pat B.

  • “Best treatment. Very Happy and Satisfied”


  • “Very happy with results staff very friendly as well”

    Len F.

  • “Yolanda was great help on helping me recover with my back surgery and would recommend her. Office staff were great as well”

    Trevor M.

  • “Everybody makes you feel welcome, friendly staff and relaxed place”

    Maria S.

  • “The staff were all friendly and helpful with all the patient needs”


  • “Felt respected and cared for”

    Bair C.

  • “After just a few treatments my symptoms/pain have completely resolved. I am extremely satisfied with the treatment I received and the professionalism & expertise. I would definitely recommend Kinetesis to my family and friends. Thank you so much.”


  • “Appreciated that treatment was not painfull. Exercises well explained”

    Roland M.

  • “Very Happy with treatment progress /outcomes!”

    Anonymous (DC)

  • “An Injury to my elbow several years ago left me with chronic pain and tendonitis. Physio, cortison and referrals to surgeons did not resolve the issue. My first meeting with Dr. Nick helped to put the pain in context. Finally an explanation and come real answers. The A.R.T. and graston treatments have increased my mobility, decreased my pain and most importantly have given me hope.”


  • “For 2 years I suffered with foot pain and tried many rhings but was out of hope until I discovered Nick. From the first treatment my ankles started to feel better and soon no pain. I wore braces for a while but now haven’t had them on for a week. It is so nice to know I can call if there is a problem and not have to wait for months. I would recommend Nick to anyone needing this kind of help. My life is so much better not having to say “ I can’t do that, my feet hurt too bad” Thanks so much. Keep up the good work and all the best in your new venture.

    Ruby B.

  • “Great success my problem was quickly identified and appropriately treated to give pain relief with optimal movement, Thank you Nick”


  • “Dr. Nick made me feel very at ease he healed my injury quickly. I will return if I need more chiro.”

    Candice B.

  • “I’ve had a recurring low back pain and the variety of chiro / cox procedures have made great relief. I would gladly recommend the service.”

    Peter G.

  • “Came for a second opinion re: plantar fasciitis and have had a 90% positive resolution to a 2 year problem”


  • “I’ve had recurring hamstring injuries for years ART was the only thing that worked, Nick is great for athletic injuries”

    Greg A.

  • “Very pleasant personality make you feel comfortable. Knee definitely improved”

    Judy K.

  • “It works”


  • “Great job Nick! Thanks”

    Pat C.

  • Kinetesis is the only place that enabled me to see improvement in my pain level and mobility. The staff are amazing and professional and focused on my needs.

    Jenn L.

  • “With the help of Dr. Stryniak we addressed an old injury that had lingered for years. I’m now enjoying fuller range of motion. Thanks”


  • “My back pain is completely gone thanks to Dr. Nick!”

    Tina P.

  • “Excellent care very considerate. Loved coming here!” “ Lovely staff and Nick”

    Cathy G.

  • “Dr. Nick got me working again and gave me the knowledge to help myself”

    Raland K.

  • “Great! Awesome! Fantastic!!”

    Joyce A.

  • “Excellent all around service!”

    Brenda H.

  • “I was Very pleased with how quickly I was able to recover. Dr. Stryniak remembered my history and quickly has a plan of action the techniques he used seemed to be the most beneficial and very effective. I felt very comfortable and relaxed during the session and they were very accommodating with changing schedules. I am very happy with the result. Thank you!”


  • “Such a friendly and helpful staff. Always have a great laugh and feel so good when I leave. Thanks”

    Brenda S.

  • “I came for treatments with 4 years of pain after my knee replacement. A. R. T. has brought me back to normal movement and virtually no pain. I cannot thank you enough”


  • “Excellent experience with physiotherapy. Honest direct advice and feedback that helped me recover quickly from a serious back issue.”


  • “Foot pain problem vastly diminished even after the first few appointments I’m now able to walk a whole lot more free of pain thanks to this therapy”

    Sanford Mc

  • “Excellent service and staff. Always helpful and Accommodating.”

    Sharon F.

  • “I have no complaints. My problem with my back is ongoing, but the team has been excellent in giving me ways and exercises to control me pain. They were both very helpful.”


  • “I Could barely walk without having severe pain in my heel. Having heard about your Active Release Therapy I want to give this a try. Thankfully I can say that I now feel little pain. After 8 sessions, what a huge relief. Will recommend you to others.”

    Marlene L.

  • ” Was nice to see the difference options you have depending on the injury. Saw improvement with my plantar fasciitis.”