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Broken Bone (Fracture) Rehabilitation

 DID YOU KNOW that you should see a physiotherapist during and after you fracture or break a bone?


Why Physiotherapy?

 Most fractured (broken) bones will heal in six to eight weeks. But that is only half of the problem.

Unfortunately when you have enough stress placed through your body to fracture a bone there’s usually a lot of other soft tissues and structures that have been damaged in the process. Add to that the common use of immobilisation in plaster casts, and you’ll have joint stiffness and considerable muscle weakness.

This may even affect joints that don’t seem related to the break. For example, a fractured shoulder may result in a very stiff elbow or wrist just because you were keeping your shoulder in a sling for a few weeks.


A Video Example of Knee Fracture Rehabilitation

Disclaimer: Remember that this video is meant to be informational and should not replace the advice and guidance of your healthcare provider.

When Should You Start Physiotherapy?

This varies depending on your type and location of fracture. If you are consulting an Orthopaedic Surgeon or Specialist, please be guided by their expertise. Otherwise, you may wish to raise the topic with your Family Doctor. You may also discuss your situation with a registered Physiotherapist.

Typically, your physiotherapist will attempt to prevent post-fracture stiffness and weakness in the adjacent joints and muscles during the first six weeks while your fracture is healing. After six weeks or later, your physiotherapist can work on regaining full joint range of motion and muscle strength that operate near or over the fracture site.

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