NeuroKinetic Therapy



Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT) is an assessment and treatment method used to help muscle and joint issues by fixing muscle imbalances and movement patterns. The goal of NKT is to address the root cause of pain by correcting the dysfunction and to pattern the proper functional pattern. If you are tired of chasing pain or find that you are only getting temporary relief from your treatments, NKT may be your answer.

How does NKT Work?

A typical NKT appointment will involve the therapist evaluating the client through manual muscle testing. Through specific testing protocols, the therapist will uncover which muscles or tissue need to be strengthened and which need to be released. The therapist would then assign the client the appropriate homework to make the corrections.

Why should someone get NKT?

NKT can work for almost anyone dealing with pain attributed to muscular or tissue imbalances. It is often successful in addressing chronic pain. NKT can assist individuals with TMJ, concussions, pelvic floor disorders, scars and various muscular/tissue imbalances.